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Why is Photography & Videography an Important Aspect in Weddings?

The imagery from your wedding day is the only vendor-based item you’ll be able to take away from the day and enjoy later.

When the cake and food is gone, the ringing in your ears from the DJ has subsided, the dress is packed away, the flowers have wilted, and all the guests have returned home, the images and video last.

Open up your wedding album and you can relive the day again. Images and video that capture moments, the people you love, the ones who have passed on, will recall all the adjectives and adverbs describing your day and the way you felt.

The images and video are part of your family history. They become heirloom pieces that connect your future with your past. I’ve seen mothers share their wedding albums on the morning of their daughter’s weddings. The laughter and tears highlight the connection to their past through the images. I’ve had couples share their albums with parents and grandparents while discussing their days and how they’ve changed over the decades.

While every part of your wedding day, whether it’s the catering, bouquets, venue, attire or music, is as important as you want it to be. But the imagery and video are the items that will last for generations to come.

Here we write a few reasons WHY it’s so important:

1. A keepsake of your story
Wedding photography & videography allows you to relive your entire day, from the exciting morning preparations right up to the evening toasts. These important moments tell the beautiful story of your wedding – which will go by so fast, you’ll want something tangible to look back on and treasure.

2. Catch the moments you missed
The purpose of a wedding photographer & videographer is to capture every part of your wedding day, parts of which you will miss due to greeting guests, touching up makeup, or just checking everything is running smoothly. It’s likely you’ll be super busy, so you will want to look back on all the little moments in between.

3. Take an emotional journey
Photographers & videographers are able to capture the heart-warming, emotional shots that you might otherwise forget. A professional will blend into the background in order to get candid shots of these intimate moments – from getting ready with your bridesmaids to the pride in your parents’ eyes when they see you in your dress.

4. Create personal display images and gifts
Profession wedding photography means you will have high-quality images to display in your home, as well as personalized gifts for friends and family. These are also perfect for compiling into beautiful, quality photo albums that can be enjoyed by your families, children and grandchildren.

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