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Why Do You Need to Book Your Wedding Photographer or Videographer So Early?

One of the best ways to build a relationship with your vendor and get a better understanding of how things look from their point of view is to think as if you were in your shoes.

Say you’re a videographer or photographer and a client approaches you about working their wedding. The first things you have consider are location and how much time you’ll commit for the entire day. Then you think about whether or not you can block this day and how it may conflict with other appointments.

The earlier your vendor knows about your wedding day, the better. Think of it as a first come first serve basis. Your vendor may not be big enough to send photographers to cover multiple weddings on the same day, so often times the team will be preoccupied with one ceremony already.

It’s worth remembering that your videographers and photographers have to be there from the hours of preparation to the final moments of the reception ceremony. This is nearly an eight-to-12-hour time commitment. Booking them early enough allows time to allocate for this time.

In addition to booking your videography and photography team nearly a year out from your big day, there are other factors to consider on the documenting-front for a perfect wedding.

Hopefully by the time you’re thinking about hiring a team of videographers and photographers, you’ve selected your wedding date. If you haven’t done so already, we highly suggest doing so as this will make the process easier on both sides.

If you have already selected your wedding date, contact us now on Phone/WhatsApp on +256 393 208 410 to book us for your wedding coverage.

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