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When to Book a Photographer or Videographer

Videographers and photographers are the artists who are going to help your special moments stay magical and lovely for years. Once you’re in the process, you’ll start looking for other vendors in addition to videographers and photographers. Don’t know when to book them? Read on for everything you need to know about hiring a photo and video team for your wedding.

As with anything else, different aspects of your wedding shouldn’t be taken care of last minute – this includes wedding media. Once you and your loved one have set a date, ideally a year or more after popping the big questions, you must start researching different video and photo vendors.

After you found the perfect vendor that fits all of your needs and works with your vision, book them immediately. To put things in numbers, you’d ideally book your different Photographer or Videographers 12 months before your actual wedding date.

If you find yourself looking for video and photo artists less than a year before your big day, you have to be extra vigilant in this process. The best thing to do in this scenario is reach out to the vendors of your choice and give them all the details you have about your big day.

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