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What you will need to begin your Journey into the world of Events Live Streaming

Events Live Streaming is a great way to extend the reach & value of your most important events such as conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings, etc. Journalists, experts, trend-setters & progressive innovators look to these events for the latest advancements in business, health, law, finance, communication & technology.

While it’s common these days for conferences and other events to fill conference venues and meeting rooms to capacity, this in turn means that event organizers and businesses often have to turn away many registrants due to physical space constraints. The solution that more and more event organizers are turning to these days, to convert those missed opportunities into added reach & extra revenue, is to stream their events live. This creates added value for presenters and includes people unable to attend the physical event. In addition, recordings of the presentations can be made available as Video-on-Demand after the event.

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Here’s what you’ll need to begin your journey into the world of Live Streaming:

  • Video and audio sources such as cameras, microphones, a computer and possibly an audio mixer.
  • A Video Encoder – this can be software based in your computer or dedicated hardware device that encodes the audio-video from your sources and converts it into a format that can be sent over the Internet.
  • A Display Site for your stream where viewers can watch you webcast – some popular ones include YouTube Live, Vimeo or Facebook Live, but you can even display the stream on your own website by embedding the feed into your web page code.
  • And of course, you will need a fast and reliable Internet connection to prevent your stream from freezing, buffering or dropping off entirely.

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