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What Should Be Included in Your Scientific Wedding Photography & Videography Package?

Scientific wedding photography & videography packages are the most widespread type of photo and video packages people are looking for. Even at the time of a pandemic, love is still unbeatable and people marry.

In my experience, it’s enough to create tow packages: the basic/minimal one and the luxury one. And also offer some add-ons with set prices so people can construct their own wedding plan.

Any good photographer and videographer have to offer complete packages to his/her client that cover events, time, albums, etc.

Here are some things that should be in your package:

1. Events to be Covered

First thing that you need to discuss with your photographer and videographer is the number of events that you want him to cover. You can also divide it into the number of days.

2. Number of Photographers & Videographers

Most of the wedding photographers & videographers have second shooters to cover all the details of the event. You will be charged more for this service, but you have a right to add/remove the second shooter.

3. Number of Hours

For each event that you signed to shoot, you should talk about the number of hours. Do not forget that most photographers and videographers charge on hourly basis, not on the daily basis.

4. Number of Prints and Copies provided

You should discuss the number of prints you are expecting to get. Every little detail should be stated in the contract to avoid any miscommunication

5. Traveling and Accommodation for Destination Wedding

if the photographer & videographer you want to hire is from a different country/area, you have to talk to him about his transportation /accommodation and whether it is included in the package or if you would have to pay extra. You should also talk about the meals and other basic things. Again, EVERYTHING should be stated in the wedding contract.

Hope this was helpful, here are some great price wedding photography & videography packages and if you are currently in the process of planning your dream wedding, not worried about restrictions on guest numbers, please feel free contact us on Phone/WhatsApp +256 393 208 410 or  HERE at Spanora Media will be happy to discuss our range wedding videography and photography packages especially tailored to suit scientific weddings in Kampala, Uganda.

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