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What Questions Do You Ask Your Wedding Photographer/Videographer?

1. Who owns the copy rights for the photos and videos taken at wedding? You or photographer/ videographer. This may sound simple but industry dirty secret is that photographer/videographer is default to owning the rights to make copies. If you want a duplicate photo or even an image emailed to you, the photographer/videographer may charge extra.

2. If there is a deposit to hold/reserve/ book the photographer/videographer, make sure that the deposit goes towards your fees and costs. Some in demand photographers/videographers charge a holding/save date fee because they cannot go and book another wedding. If you cancel, they have some insurance for not getting another gig.

3. Ask how many photographers/videographers will be there. 200 people, get at least 2 and better yet 3.

4. Feel free to go over the timing, agenda. It lets them know what is important and no one wants to pose for a long photo and then have to redo it because Aunt Flo was blocked by cousin Dustin.

5. Grill photographer/videographer of the background of his assistants. Know if they are indeed photographers/videographers or is it cousin Larry who is a full time Uber driver. Base the pay on who is working.

6. Negotiate the last payment for a real product. Good and reputable photographers/videographers trust their clients to pay and don’t have much to lose expect the 12+ hours of time. They will be making good money on you so ask for reasonable things and they will oblige.

7. Ask them if they are renting any equipment. This will help figure out if they have ever had their gear stolen, broke, etc. and the measures they took to solve the issue.

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