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What Are the Trends in Wedding Photography?

The smaller, intimate weddings have reduced in size but offer opportunities for raw, unfiltered moments for the couple to experience and for the photographers to capture. If you’re planning to get married this year, look at the newest trends in wedding photography:

1. Theme based photo-shoot: if you and your partner are diehard fans of movies, songs, or Netflix series, it can be an amazing idea to have a theme-based wedding photoshoot.

2. Smoke bombs: to keep your occasion entertained and fill unique colors, the top photographers bring smoke bombs to the photoshoots.

3. Interesting props: props include different kinds of lights, such as fairy lights, paper lanterns, sparklers, candles, and your name on them.

4. Location-based photoshoot: Couples choose beautiful places that can serve as a background for their wedding photoshoot, as per the type of vibe they want.

However, to convert these ideas into reality, you also need a professional wedding photographer who can understand your vision and execute the ideas to perfection. Contact us on Phone/WhatsApp on +256 393 208 410, we will be happy to discuss our range wedding videography and photography packages especially tailored to suit weddings in Kampala, Uganda.

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