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Top General Events Live Streaming Tips

Livestreaming makes it possible to share your event and brand with a wider audience—a much wider audience, if you play your cards right. Livestreaming your event also makes it available for viewing at a later date, so guests who could not attend can still engage with your programming or message.

Event Live Streaming Video for Teach For Uganda – Graduation Ceremony

Take note of the following tips and tricks while you live stream your event:

  1. Prepare – script, extra batteries, lighting, working equipment, camera holder or a desk to stabilize the camera.
  2. Ensure bandwidth availability – know your network. The better the bandwidth, the better the live streaming results.
  3. Test – your audio and video both, with a backup account.
  4. Eye contact – look at the camera, not the screen.
  5. Monitor – with an external display.
  6. Respond – to the comments during the live session, if possible.
  7. Avoid placeholders – start right away.
  8. Multi-stream – to all your socials for enhanced viewership.
  9. Use captions – to increase understanding of your content.
  10. Be consistent – go live at a regular time to help build a flow of the audience.

Lastly, Call/WhatsApp on 0393 208 410 to live stream your event in adaptive bitrate to a global audience. We provide a full-service event live streaming solution – cameras, vision mix, sound. Our reliable, affordable and scalable portable production units (PPUs) and professional crew guarantee a standout experience for your audience.

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