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Top 10 Spanora Media Events Live Streaming Tips

Live streaming your event is a pivotal option for anyone trying to reach a large audience, speak in a public forum, or promote a product or service to a small group of attendees. Live streaming allows you to create an intimate, feedback-driven environment with your audience, regardless of their geographical location.

Other than the regular tips and tricks we shared last time, you can deploy several Spanora Media-specific tips and tricks for an outstanding live streaming experience:

  1. Reuse old streams to build consistency in your live streams.
  2. Use add-ons to increase the amount of storage and enjoy extra stream slots.
  3. Copy title and description from previous streams and save up on refill time.
  4. Enjoy up to 5000 characters of the description on YouTube.
  5. Manage multiple social accounts from a single dashboard.
  6. Schedule your live stream 10 minutes before the streaming so that the system can quickly optimize your content.
  7. Add a logo to your live stream.
  8. Make interesting thumbnails to attract the viewers to your live stream once they are saved on your destination platforms.
  9. Schedule a playlist of pre-recorded videos to go live at your desired date and time and use your preferred time zone.
  10. Add open captions/subtitles to your live streams to improve the understanding of your audience.

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