Spanora Media

Social Media Videography

Go where your customers are, where else but social media. Social media platforms continue to grow in popularity across the population. Use your marketing strategy as effectively as possible and increase the likelihood of your brand, product, or services of being seen. Spanora Media provides Social Media videography services for businesses so that you can take advantage of the social media platform. Social Media video is a successful marketing strategy to get results in a much more cost-effective way compared to the traditional advertising methods of print, radio, and television. Go where you will be seen, create relationships with relatable social media videos and get the results you’re looking for. 

Motion Graphics & 2D Animation

400,000 UGX Per Video

These are short  videos less than 2 minutes done with motion graphics  and 2 D animation graphics that can be used on the different social media platforms Extra 200,000 UGX for voice over if needed

Customized Short Videos

650,000 UGX Per Video

 These are 1-3 min short videos with models i.e. they can be staff of that company and other people hired with 1 location with in Kampala. We change 500,000 UGX for more than 2 videos.

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