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Let’s dive in, and while we’re at it, I’ll give you reasons why a 360-degree photo booth is essential for your upcoming event.
A 360-degree high-resolution video experience is called the 360-degree photo booth. Visitors to the event climb onto a platform where a top-of-the-line camera mounted on a rotating mechanical arm rotates quickly 360 degrees around your visitors.
The 360 Photo Booth lets you take many photos of several people at once, just like the other photo booth experiences offered by Out Snapped. Our 360 Degree Booth can easily accommodate 3–4 persons, depending on size. Considering the enormous content the 360-degree photo booth can produce, this is actually pretty nice.

Our 360 degree photo booth creates the best user generated content a booth can offer.

It’s no surprise why the 360degree photo booth became so popular even in the middle of the pandemic. These experiences arguably create the most epic content one can ever make using a photo/video booth. Now don’t get me wrong here, each photo booth has its own unique merits and features depending on your needs.

Aside from the glamorous look and feel effects of the 360 degrees video capture, the 360-degree photo booth does not fall short on its beautifying filters. Our 360-degree photo booth can also harness the power of our best-in-class AI Segmentation to take a still from the video taken and out of reality and plop you into a virtual background. There are traditional photo booth filters which can be applied to your guests’ videos.

The content from the 360 degree photo booth is highly shareable!

Share ability has become such an important decision-making factor for most of our clients. In a world where people are influenced more by what they see and hear on the internet, being able to share their experiences in our 360-degree photo booth is not something to be surprised about. Our 360 Experiences are streamlined for instant sharing for marketing events, promotional events, and even social media influencers who simply want to entertain their followers. 

All of our photo experiences including our 360 photo booths have the capability for instant sharing. It’s just a matter of moments from the time you and your event guests step onto our 360 Degree Photo Booth platform until it’s delivered to your own device where you have the power to share your experience to your own social media account, and text messages or email. 

The 360-degree photo booth creates a truly unique experience.

I can’t help but smile watching the expression on our guests from the moment they step into the platform to the moment they receive their videos and share them on Tiktok, Instagram, or Twitter! The amount of joy and excitement it brings is palpable.

In just 60 seconds, your guests step into the 360-degree photo booth, create and share their videos, such an impact is made and positively impacts their full event experience. For an extra bump of awesomeness, add our live event slideshows so guests can keep on enjoying their creations displayed live on cinema displays at your event. 

You’ll always want to have something that provides your visitors something fun and interesting to do, regardless of the type of event you’re preparing. Always keep in mind that having fun isn’t the only goal; it’s also about generating that one-of-a-kind moment and experience that forges a lasting connection with your brand through an unforgettable memory.

The only thing left to do is find the correct individual with the skill and expertise to bring you there now that you have been persuaded to use the 360 degree video and picture booth camera for your event. Never accept anything less than the best.

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