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Livestreaming an event the right way!

The market for live streaming has grown in recent years and it has risen by 80% in the past years especially during the covid pandemic. Demand for live, in-person access to more and more events has drove this unheard-of increase. This huge level of growth has created the need for more organizations and businesses to learn how to live stream an event to connect with one’s audience. 

Why live stream an event?

You can use live streaming to promote your brand, foster a feeling of community, or offer a premium experience to a select group of viewers. Even when your audience is unable to attend in person, live streaming an event can still help you maintain contact with them. The importance of live streaming technology was well demonstrated by lockdowns linked to COVID-19, and live event streaming is on the rise today.

How to live stream an event?

When you invest in the appropriate gear, live streaming an event is fairly simple. Are you interested in live streaming your event? The best approach to livestream an event is by following these steps.

  • Determine Objectives & develop a plan. Since live streaming involves many moving pieces, it is a good idea to establish your objectives early on. You need to be aware of what, to whom, where, when and for what purpose you are live streaming the event. This will enable you to develop a plan.
  • Pick an online video platform and create a link. When thinking about how to live stream an event, you must select a streaming service that can realize your vision. Before making a choice, we advise spending some time researching a number of streaming services and free trials. To ensure a high-quality streaming experience, we strongly advise investing in a fully featured live streaming camera if it is within your budget after which you can create a link depending on the channel you plan to use.
  • Location scouting and dry run. Location scouting helps you to find, research and secure a location that is appropriate for the live stream. In the world of live streaming, dry runs are done to avoid technical and equally embarrassing missteps.
  • Connect your encoder, put your sources and establish a live channel. You’ll need to use a video encoder to convert RAW video files into stream able digital video files whether you’re using a webcam or an external camera. After setting up your encoder, add sources to the stream by connecting your camera, microphone for the audio production and other devices to your encoder. Creating a live channel on your online video platform is the next step. Once more, each platform has a slightly different method, but always quite simple.
  • Finally, launch the stream. It’s time to click “Start Streaming” and change your live channel to “Online.” As soon as you click, you go live. It’s crucial to be confident and enjoy the stream while you speak. If you have a chat or Q&A plugin, encourage viewers to join so you can keep everyone interested during the event.

So now that you have been sold to the idea of livestreaming your event, all you need now is the right person with the professionalism & expertise to get you there. Don’t settle for anything but the best. Call/WhatsApp on 0393 208 410 or send us an email on to get started today.

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