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Common Problems That Mobile Marketing Can Solve

Mobile marketing is unique in that it reaches people in real time right where they are. Additionally, more and more sales are being initiated from mobile, so it’s a vital part of any marketing strategy.

Problem: I’m unsure if my audience is a mobile audience. 

Today’s mobile users range from ages 7 to 90 (One Audience). In other words, pretty much everyone is a mobile user in some capacity. The trick is knowing how and when they use their mobile devices. Take time to develop buyer personas and you’ll be able to reach your audience anywhere.

Problem: My website and content are not responsive. 

One of the first steps to creating a mobile marketing program is ensuring responsive design across your website, emails, and landing pages. By implementing responsive design, you ensure a seamless and easy-to-engage-with experience that will attract and retain users.

Problem: I have good mobile traffic, but am not seeing good conversion. 

There are a variety of methods that can be used to analyze and optimize your mobile marketing tactics, including improving your responsive site and landing page design and personalizing content for mobile. It’s essential for businesses to future-proof their marketing strategy by boosting those mobile conversion rates. 

Problem: I don’t know how to integrate a mobile strategy into my marketing plan.

 The key to defining any effective strategy is to first decide what success looks like. Get the key stakeholders together to map your mobile marketing strategy, determine how current efforts are performing (if you have any in place), and identify where you can improve.

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6 thoughts on “Common Problems That Mobile Marketing Can Solve”

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  2. No Clear Strategy. Smart Insights tells us about 50 percent of companies using digital marketing have no plan or strategy in place.
    Lack of Time and Resources.
    No Alignment with Buyer Personas.
    Inability to Adapt to New Trends.
    Proving ROI.

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