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Best Event Live-streaming Platforms based on Content in Kampala- Uganda

The dramatic growth of second screen technology and hybrid meetings has permeated nearly every meeting and event, and should be top of mind for all future programming in Uganda and World at large. Live streaming has blown up in a big way — as many as 80% of consumers prefer watching live videos, rather than reading web articles. By the year 2027, the live streaming video market is estimated to be worth at least $184.3 billion.

With this much projected growth, every major social platform has joined in. Today, you can stream everywhere the choice of platform depends mostly on the type of Event/content you are producing. Below, find out the different platforms for event live streaming.

  1. Facebook Live

Facebook hosts tons of small business and entertainment content. With (hopefully) your entire following sitting right there waiting, why not take full advantage of the simplest live streaming tool out there? Facebook Live has been the king of live streaming promotion across television and even print advertisements, and for good reason! Ease of use is out of this world. Responses and engagement are easily digestible. Guaranteed social audience at any event planners’ fingertips. The true no-brainer of our list.

2. LinkedIn Live

If you’re planning to host a business-related Event then LinkedIn is the space to go to for audiences of such content. For example, a career expo, business launch and seminars

3. Instagram Live

Do you need a live stream channel for Influencer content, Celebrities, and fashion? Then Instagram is the right channel for you, the audience is a video and Photo consuming group.

Trending fashions, technology and gadgets.

4. Twitter Live

This platform serves best for content related to the trending topics of discussions, Individual and organizations use it for official communications. Twitter started twitter space to catch up with the advances of live streaming technology. To go live on Twitter from a laptop or desktop computer, you need a third-party encoder and access to the Media Studio Producer. However, only certain Twitter users are allowed to see their Media Studio, and those without access are limited to mobile live streaming 4. only.

5. YouTube Live

This platform has audience which enjoys entertainment related content, if you’re planning a virtual event in the entertainment Industry then YouTube has the right audience and its easy to use.

Communication through email or an audio conference call doesn’t compare to the benefits of communicating through live videos. The visuals have a major impact on making an instant connection with the audience. Due to shorter attention spans, viewers just remember only 10% of what they have heard. Whereas, videos convey the message to the audience more easily and efficiently. The retention rate increases when the same information is paired with relevant visuals.  If you’re interested in our services, please fill in the form for further details

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