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5 Basic Steps to Setting up your Events Stream workflow

There are 5 basic steps to setting up your stream workflow:

Configure your encoder:

Set your preferred outgoing video resolution and bitrate but ensure that the local Internet connection can handle the bandwidth.

Connect your audio and video sources to the encoder:

Pro tip: whenever possible, use AC power instead of battery power, for all and any devices, especially cameras, to avoid running out of juice in the middle of an event. Always use a tripod to make sure your shots are steady.

Configure the stream destination settings:

Log in to your CDN provider’s dashboard and make sure the settings match what you will be putting out.

Copy and paste the URL & stream key from your CDN into your encoder software.

Copy and paste the code provided by your CDN into your web page code.

This is not necessary if you are streaming directly to YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook Live.

Start Streaming and Go Live!

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